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Gerrards Wealth Management are a firm of Independent Financial Advisers providing impartial advice on all aspects of wealth management and financial planning.

Working on behalf of our clients we are able to access over two hundred of the world’s leading financial institutions. This means that we are able to offer truly personalised financial solutions that meet the individual needs and objectives of each client.

What do we do?

  • Financial Planning
  • Investment Planning – initial and on-going investment advice and management
  • Pension advice for British expats and holders of UK Pensions
  • Pension advice and planning for international expats
  • Succession and Inheritance Tax Planning
  • Protection solutions such as life insurance

How Do You Know That You Will Receive High Quality Advice That Puts You First?

Any financial advice that you receive from Gerrards will be from a Fully UK Qualified Financial Adviser who is an expert in their field.

The majority of “Financial Advisers” who advise expats are not qualified financial advisers. This is usually a recipe for disaster.

A good example of this is with pension transfer advice.

Amazingly the majority of “Financial Advisers” who offer pension transfer advice to expats have NO UK pension qualifications at all.

Our clients receive pension advice and pension transfer advice from an AF3* Fully UK Qualified Pensions Specialist.

*AF3 is the highest UK Pension Qualification for Financial Advisers, those who hold this Qualification are able to call themselves a Pension Specialist.